At MUSICTEK it is our goal to inspire as many young (and not-so-young) people as possible to want to play music. With all the negatives in the world today, this is our way of contributing a positive action toward spiritual happiness, which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So parents, if your child has a talent for music, please allow him/her the opportunity to develop that talent!

Our program is designed to be equally meaningful for those of average ability as for those with exceptional talent. While most MusicTek students pursue their studies for personal enrichment, a significant number go on to professional training and careers. We give students the vocational tools to go out and make a living playing music. We get right to it. And at the same time, we give them instruction in the important areas of playing techniques and reading, harmony and theory. But really, it's a playing school. A lot of schools tend to be academically oriented, and not a lot of hands-on is accomplished. Our school dedicates itself to playing from day one, in all styles.

The premise our school is built upon, is that we wanted to create a music school where people who teach the classes also go out and do their playing in real life. So it is not just an institution full of academics! Our faculty members are top industry professionals who are equally proficient at performing as they are at teaching. And that basically has been our guiding principle - Manoj Mavely (director, MusicTek)

Musictek also offers instruction as per the syllabi of Rockschool UK & Trinity College London, for students opting to appear for graded certificate and diploma exams. Our institute is also an examination center for the above-mentioned boards.

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