At MUSICTEK it is our goal to inspire as many young (and not-so-young) people as possible to want to play music. With all the negatives in the world today, this is our way of contributing a positive action toward spiritual happiness, which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So parents, if your child has a talent for music, please allow him/her the opportunity to develop that talent!

Our program is designed to be equally meaningful for those of average ability as for those with exceptional talent. While most MusicTek students pursue their studies for personal enrichment, a significant number go on to professional training and careers. We give students the vocational tools to go out and make a living playing music. We get right to it. And at the same time, we give them instruction in the important areas of playing techniques and reading, harmony and theory. But really, it's a playing school. A lot of schools tend to be academically oriented, and not a lot of hands-on is accomplished. Our school dedicates itself to playing from day one, in all styles.

The premise our school is built upon, is that we wanted to create a music school where people who teach the classes also go out and do their playing in real life. So it is not just an institution full of academics! Our faculty members are top industry professionals who are equally proficient at performing as they are at teaching. And that basically has been our guiding principle - Manoj Mavely (director, MusicTek)

Musictek also offers instruction as per the syllabi of Rockschool UK & Trinity College London, for students opting to appear for graded certificate and diploma exams. Our institute is also an examination center for the above-mentioned boards.

What students are saying

I’ve been learning drums here for a while now. 🥁My instructor is just the best. The personalised guidance and feedback have helped me understand musicality and improve my technique. The school itself is well equip and a total stand out choice for anyone looking to learn music. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Abida Nahid a month ago
I’ve been learning here for ~6 months. Manoj’s approach comes with decades of experience, and cuts right to the heart of the issue always. He isn’t just teaching me to play drums, he’s teaching me to feel the rhythm. He’s also very easy to talk to and encourages questions. I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made so far, would recommend musictek to anyone who’s interested in drums. 😅
Amrit Mehta 7 months ago
Ever since I began my musical education at the age of five, MusicTek has been an essential part of my life's melody. Today, as I continue my journey with them, I am delighted to share my sincere appreciation for this exceptional music education establishment that has played a significant role in helping me achieve remarkable accomplishments. From the moment I stepped foot into MusicTek, the staff welcomed me warmly and provided unwavering support. Their friendly and encouraging nature immediately made me feel comfortable and allowed me to explore and express my musical aspirations with confidence. The instructors and administrative team have created an environment that values individuality and fosters a genuine love for music. MusicTek stands out due to the passion and expertise of its staff. The instructors possess an impressive depth of knowledge in their respective fields and are truly dedicated to their craft. Their ability to simplify complex musical concepts has been invaluable in overcoming challenges and reaching new heights in my musical abilities. Their guidance has not only shaped my skills but also nurtured my creativity and instilled in me a deep appreciation for music. MusicTek offers a comprehensive approach to music education, providing opportunities to explore various genres, instruments, and styles.The facilities at MusicTek are exceptional, providing an ideal learning environment. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and acoustics, the studios and practice rooms offer optimal conditions for honing skills. The institution's commitment to maintaining a stimulating environment underscores their dedication to providing students with the resources they need for musical development. The supportive and friendly staff, combined with the institution's commitment to excellence, have played a pivotal role in shaping my musical growth. Thanks to their guidance, I have achieved milestones I never thought possible and continue to thrive in this exceptional environment. I wholeheartedly recommend MusicTek to anyone seeking a place where their passion for music can thrive and their potential can be cultivated with care and dedication.
Maadhav Sood 7 months ago
Manoj sir is hands down one of the best drum educators in India. What I loved about his classes was that he places a strong emphasis on fundamentals and technique and he follows a very systematic approach to learning. I looked forward to every class I took and I am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to learn from such a talented musician.
Jai Lekhraj 7 months ago
I’ve had a fantastic experience learning drums at Musictek with Manoj sir for over a decade. He has not only taught me technicalities of the instrument and math behind music but also instilled qualities like discipline, respect and independence. All the teachers here are very supportive and enthusiastic. Musictek has helped me discover greater depths of musical passion.
Anamika J 7 months ago
Best place to study drums! Manoj Sir integrates mind, body and music in his approach to teaching drumming. He's amazing with technique and pays attention to every minute detail while you practice 🥁
Aanchal Gehi 7 months ago
i get drum lessons once a week from Mr. Manoj Sir and have been coming for three months now. Mr. Manoj is an excellent teacher and all round good guy to talk too, he has great stories to share of his music journey and how fortunate he has been. My drumming has improved considerably in the short time. Highly recommended to the passion driven drummers out there!
Sameer Chandra a year ago
MusicteK is The Best institute for drumming period.If you are someone who really wants to learn then this is the place for you. Manoj Sir and the other teachers will always be ready to help and clear your doubts. For them it’s not about money like other places I have been to. It’s about music, creativity, discipline, fun and much more. So if you have come here to read the reviews I would really like you to not waste any more time and join as soon as you can or you’ll definitely regret it. - poorvasharmamusic
Poorva Sharma 10 months ago

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