Guitarists are the driving force behind the music with their chords, riffs, and solos. A skilled guitarist can bring depth and emotion to a song, making it unforgettable.
At MusicTek, we understand the importance of having a strong foundation. Our curriculum provides a structured approach to learning, emphasizing Musical Literacy, Technique, Style, and Versatility on the Instrument.

There are six main areas to the MusicTek Guitar Curriculum:

Fundamentals of Technique: Aimed at developing technical proficiency through exercises and drills, to build speed, control, and dexterity of motion.

Sight Reading: Reading skills starting from the basics; mentoring students through odd and mixed meter challenges.

List Pieces: Students learn to play songs in different styles and genres, studying and memorizing numerous pieces. This segment is designed to allow the student to gain a working knowledge of the standard guitar repertoire. Styles covered include: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, Classical, etc. Candidates also write original parts for the recorded material, emphasizing a creative approach to composition.

Aural Tests: Recognizing and playing various chords, scales, and modes, and developing an ear for different styles of music.

Recording Principles & Transcription: Transcription of recorded songs with an emphasis on writing skills, Recording principles/techniques for guitar and other stringed instruments. Strategies and techniques for productive band rehearsals and performance.

Music Theory and History: An understanding of the history and development of the guitar and an awareness of the rhythms and music genres of the world. The aim of the syllabus is to foster a “grassroots” understanding of the disciplines of the guitar, and to provide the student and teacher alike with a focus for guitar studies.

At MusicTek, we believe that through our Guitar Curriculum, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the guitar and become well-rounded musicians, able to apply their knowledge in any musical context

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