Drummers create and reinforce the rhythmic foundation upon which music is built. Their performance can make or break a band. Good players lay down an authentic feel with dynamic, emotional energy that makes music exciting, compelling, and memorable.

We at musictek believe that it is just as important to have a solid curriculum for a beginner as it is for an advanced player and provide a complete structure for the implementation of materials and learning tools, giving priority to musical literacy, technique, style, and versatility on the instrument.

There are six main areas to the MusicTek drum-set curriculum

Technical work: aimed at developing technical proficiency on the snare drum and drum-set to build speed, control, and fluidity of motion.

Sight reading: reading skills starting from the basics, mentoring Students through odd and mixed meter challenges.

List pieces: students play along with recorded material in different styles and grooves. Numerous songs will be analyzed, studied, and memorized. This segment is designed to allow the student to gain a working knowledge of the standard drum-set repertoire. Styles covered include Pop, Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Country, Blues, Reggae, Brazilian, Afro-cuban, West african, Indian rhythms etc. Candidates also write original drum parts for the recorded material and play-along pieces, emphasizing a creative approach to the composition of rhythm.

Aural tests: clapping, tapping, and recognition of beats, fills, rhythms, and time signatures.

Recording principles & transcription: transcription of recorded songs with an emphasis on writing skills, recording principles/techniques of the drum-set, and strategies and techniques for productive band rehearsal and performance.

General knowledge: an understanding of the history and development of the drum-set and an awareness of the rhythms and music genres of the world. The aim of the syllabus is to foster a “grassroots” understanding of the disciplines of the drum-set and to provide the student and teacher alike with a focus for drum-set studies.

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